Here are some of our bird baths.  Please note that most of the bowls are loose so you can mix and match to your delight. 

Fitinia Bird Bath

9097 Fitinia Base 380x380x600h 80kg 9098 Fitinia Bowl 210h x 880dia 110kg

Classical Bird Bath

1216 Classic pedestal 640h x 240dia 1328 Bowl curved small 700dia

Doric Bird Bath

1215 Doric round pedestal 320x320x800h 300dia 1331 Bowl Curved Large 970dia

Spanish Bird Bath Large

1212 Spanish pedestal large 680h x 340dia 1331 Bowl Curved Large 970dia

Balustrade Bird Bath

1218 Baluster pedestal 210x210x600h 1335 Bowl plain medium 550dia

Eight sided bird bath

1336 Eight sided bb 300h x 400dia


1330 Wend bird bath (one piece) 750h x 350dia


1327 Kraanklip 700x400x140