Concrete garden furniture is a great addition to your garden.  These sets below will give you ideas of how you can mix and match to find the perfect set for you.  All pieces are also sold separately. 

Bench top London curved

1055 Bench top London curved 450x1300

Bench top London straight

1056 Bench top London straight 450x1300

Bench top plain straight

1060 Bench top plain straight 420x1800 1053 Bench top plain straight 420x1200

Bench top plain curved

1052 Bench top plain curved 420x1200

JHB Seat only

1059 JHB bench seat only 440x1500

JHB bench back rest only

1058 JHB bench back rest 500x1600

Table leg Ovuli

1584 BM - table leg ovuli 480x480x720h 160kg

Table leg leaf D/S

1211 Table leg leaf D/S 420x220x670h

Table leg Eagles D/S

1279 Table leg eagles D/S 680x170x720h

Table leg Spanish

1271 Spanish table leg 560dia x 700h

JHB bench leg

1069 JHB bench leg 650x850h

Frikkie bench leg

1067 Frikkie bench leg 650x750h

Bench leg Curly leaf

1064 Curly leaf bench leg 450x140x360

Lion bench leg

1065 Lion bench leg 400x160x380 30kg

Oval bench leg

9915 Oval bench leg large 440x340 9874 Oval bench leg medium 440x280 9873 Oval bench leg small 440x250

Squirrel bench leg

1066 Squirrel bench leg

Marinella bench leg

1063 Marinella bench leg 400x170x380 30kg

Frikkie bench flat curved

1052 Smooth curved top 1064 Curly leaf bench leg

London curved bench

1055 London curved top 1063 Marinella bench leg

Smartcon 1200

91000 Smartcon bench 500h x 450w x 1200L

Smartcon 1500

910010 Smartcon bench 450h x 450w x 1500L

Chinese Fishing Chair

91007 Chinese fishing chair


91012 Ottoman

Ice Cream bench

91011 Ice Cream bench 1500

Eagle table set

Eagle table legs Slab 810x2000 Table Smartcon benches 1500

Leaf table set

Leaf table legs Slab 800x1500 Table Smartcon benches 1200

Smartcon set with 1.2m  benches

91001 Smartcon table 1600x850x780 Smartcon single set: 2 benches with 1 table

Leaf table set with Marinella bases

Leaf table legs Slab 800x1500 Table Smooth 1800 straight benches with Marinella feet

Leaf table set E/D

Leaf table legs E/D table top 700x1800 Table E/D 1600 benches with Marinella feet

Garden Set 21piece (sit 12-16)

Egg and Dart design on benches and table top. Benches are 1600 long and can sit 3-4 people each. 2 tables of 900x1800 each

London table set 8 piece

Table London 900dia 2 x London curved benches

London table set 8 piece

Table London 900dia 2 x London curved benches

Garden set combo 14 piece

Ovuli table leg Table top 1500 2 x Frikkie benches 2 x Frikkie flat benches

Spanish table plain 11 piece

Spanish table plain 1100dia 3 x Frikkie flat curved benches

Coffee corner table set 6 piece

Spanish table leg Table top 1100 4 x Chairs

London table set 10p with backrests

Table London 900dia 2 x Frikkie benches